11 years ago by the mysterious work of our Lord my Sunday School class volunteers for Cherokee County Senior Services and meets Norman. Norman was an 84 year old man who needed assistance on his 3 acre property.Typical property maintenance, lawn mowing,landscaping and some basic household chores.

Norman, a self made man, grew up during the depression. Norman knew what it was like to be jobless, Norman knew what it was like to be hungry and Norman knew of only one remedy for both. Hard work and to hang on to everything he had. Needless to say it was hard for Norman to ask for help which was obvious in his rough demeanor and often cold attitude. Regardless, thanks to persistent hard work for Norman he became our friend and  we thought God  “had a plan.”

Norman had almost 20 fruit trees and grapevines on his property that had obviously not been harvested in years because of the stench from the rot on the ground. Friends got together, as friends often do, and Norman agreed to share this remarkable abundance of fruit and grapes to the hungry of Cherokee county. We definitely knew God had a plan now and it was starting to grow!

The next year a Sunday School class picked truckloads of apples and pears and delivered them to the various food pantries of Cherokee County. These food pantries sent Norman thank you letters with story after story of the impact his fruit had on the hungry and Norman, once hungry himself, realized he had the heart of a servant and agreed with us that God really did have a plan!

Norman now under divine inspiration was reflecting, thinking back, to his time of hunger and fell to his knees thanking God that he helped another human being not know hunger and God told Norman to do more. God told Norman to plant his old garden. God’s plan was now full steam ahead and Norman asked his friends from the Sunday School class to help. But this Norman was not cold with a rough demeanor, this Norman was the servant God’s plan reminded him he had always been. Norman by the grace of God and by giving was a “new man” and

“GOD’S GARDEN was born.
Norman became gravely I’ll in the winter of 2010 and although God’s plan called him home in February of 2011 Normans family encouraged us to plant one more season. Both the vegetable garden and fruit orchard produced an incredible bumper crop that we can only surmise was the hand of the Master gardener and to this day
God’s Garden is Blessed By Norman

2017 could be God’s Garden biggest year and we need you
. We need you! As in your hands and feet. We need people who love sunshine and love to play in the dirt!


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