In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Home Turf.”

Name five things in your house that make it a home .#1) ME! For my house to be my home I will have to be there and #2 would be LOVE. For any house or building to be a home requires LOVE. Since I live by myself #3 on my list is memories and #4 is a safe place to sleep and #5 my Lord who watches over me, my house, my memories and supplied a safe place to sleep. #5 being the total, the sum and making the equation of a home complete.

I am a blogger wannabe and this is my first flirt with the “Daily Post” Not only do I hope to see “Home Turf” again I hope they “see me” too as I have a lot to learn.


3 thoughts on “Blogger Wannabe

  1. What an amazing world I’ve found! This morning I reviewed stats and was surprised at the number of times and the time of day this post was looked at. The most pleasant surprise was 2 experienced bloggers who I get to follow,watch and learn from. Bloggers that share a common thread, which I will leave a mystery, hoping they read this post and will know the thread I speak of.
    I’m on my Android which is ” smart”, so smart it’s scary. I love having a spelling tutor at the tip of my finger but the predictive makes my imigination run wild! Will this device predict not only my thoughts but my words and one day actually blog for me? Assume me? Capture my personality? NEVER! I’ll always have to proofread!
    Will this post be read? “Liked”? I hope so where my education from those smarter than me and more experienced than me will continue as long as they don’t get pedict I’ve too!

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