God’s Garden

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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Life’s a Candy Store.”

My mom died of Cancer in 1991 and to me, the best BLAST from the PAST to feel like a 6 year old on a perfect day would be to be with her. To wake up in the bed she had made up the night before, eat my favorite breakfast which she could cook better than anybody and hear her singing old time Southern Baptist hymns that she loved. She did this after working 3rd shift as a registered nurse. I think the old adage  “we never know what it’s like till it’s gone” reverberates here. While she was alive I took all this love for granted. I can honestly say that I was a spoiled only child who thought she was born to serve me! Growing up I rarely remembered her birthday and now she is gone I never forget. Why are we like that? Maybe is just me.

A blog a day

I committed to a post a day to keep the blogging blues away and I hope this post accomplishes that becuase this has been a blue day. I have learned there is no such thing as a bad day only varying degrees of self pity. Pity parties are hard to avoid for all of us and some can have more reason than others  but in the end pity is pity and it STINKS! Today I can’t get Cancer recovery and impending side effects of Radiation off my mind. I can’t swallow and have not been able to since 2010 buy still I try. Today I tried lunch, broiled Grouper, and tonight I get to cough and spit that fish in my throat. I only tried a pinch too. Then there are theeth. What I have left were suppose to already have fallen out and although I know they are, it will be a bloody mess and I’m  not looking forward to it. Knowing it will happen does not seem to matter and will not make it easier when it does happen.
Hey! I’m starting to Perch up a little. (Pun for fun). A blogger I admire and long to emulate posted some writing and poetry challanges. Everything is really going good. My prayers literally answered and writing this down really has made a difference.
Judy! Thank you

Just Another WordPress Blog

Another WordPress Blog” OH! How those words have reverberated in my mind for a few years because I am a BLOGGER WANNABE and for whatever reason, this or that, or PROCRASTINATION and then the mother of all excuses “I have Cancer” I have  never seemed to be able to create my first post! Now Cancer free for 3 years and nothing but time on my hands I have no excuse not to BLOG. Will this be it? Will I finally jump into the deep end feet first and start to learn something I have always wanted to learn? Do something I have always wanted to do with the grand vision of an eventual on-line empire? OR?? Will I find another reason to stare at the screen and fail?

I will have to admit technology and Worpress have both exploded since I first dreamed of being the world’s best blogger and today I am curious if this post will find it’s way to my Android as promised. OR? Will I stare at the screen and scream? FAILURE?

“The Daily Post” , “Freshly Pressed” and my educational subscriptions leave me tools only fools would not use and I can not imagine not learning to blog now. I can not imagine not finally stepping out into my dream and this being far more than?


Humm? Will this “ping back?” Will somebody respond or follow? I have a long way to go