In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Home Turf.”

Name five things in your house that make it a home .#1) ME! For my house to be my home I will have to be there and #2 would be LOVE. For any house or building to be a home requires LOVE. Since I live by myself #3 on my list is memories and #4 is a safe place to sleep and #5 my Lord who watches over me, my house, my memories and supplied a safe place to sleep. #5 being the total, the sum and making the equation of a home complete.

I am a blogger wannabe and this is my first flirt with the “Daily Post” Not only do I hope to see “Home Turf” again I hope they “see me” too as I have a lot to learn.

Just Another WordPress Blog

Another WordPress Blog” OH! How those words have reverberated in my mind for a few years because I am a BLOGGER WANNABE and for whatever reason, this or that, or PROCRASTINATION and then the mother of all excuses “I have Cancer” I have  never seemed to be able to create my first post! Now Cancer free for 3 years and nothing but time on my hands I have no excuse not to BLOG. Will this be it? Will I finally jump into the deep end feet first and start to learn something I have always wanted to learn? Do something I have always wanted to do with the grand vision of an eventual on-line empire? OR?? Will I find another reason to stare at the screen and fail?

I will have to admit technology and Worpress have both exploded since I first dreamed of being the world’s best blogger and today I am curious if this post will find it’s way to my Android as promised. OR? Will I stare at the screen and scream? FAILURE?

“The Daily Post” , “Freshly Pressed” and my educational subscriptions leave me tools only fools would not use and I can not imagine not learning to blog now. I can not imagine not finally stepping out into my dream and this being far more than?


Humm? Will this “ping back?” Will somebody respond or follow? I have a long way to go